Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Life, liberty and the pursuit is happiness

Cold brew coffee. Gazpacho. Cast iron skillets. Citronella/lemongrass. SPF 50. Water wings. Mud. Studio Ghibli. Rolling Rock. Spinach & kale. Chocolate milk. Banana bread. Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Fish tacos. Diet RC. Popcorn. Locally sourced bacon. Stars and the moon. Maxing out the library cards. 3 yr old "half breed" with a Mohawk. Drooly smiles. Dr Bronners Magic Soap. Ceiling fans. 2 hours at the playground then an hour in the bathtub. Sour cream. Blonde. Hot dogs. American Spirit Blues. Milk breath. Sweat. Fabuloso. Race cars. Legos. Long naps. Stolen moments. Date nights. Magick. Wicker furniture. Windchimes. Super Miracle Bubbles. Cheers. Clinique Happy. Fire & Ice. Looney Tunes. Pixar. Wrangler cut offs. Naked babies. The nighttime garden. And a million more reasons to be here now and forever...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

1234567 I'm floating in a constant heaven

Here comes the rest of our family in the person of sweet little Elvis Edward and we blossom like so many potted plants in our little turquoise house. In bloom. Can't wait to see his face.

Give us land lots of land under starry skies above... We dream of a farm. We dream of the future and we are scared of our country but not of our countrymen. We are scared for our boys and what they inherit. But we will grow them and try to grow the food in the bellies and we will water their minds and pull the weeds of marketing and mediocrity. We will teach them reading and rhyming and science and star gazing. Star sailing. We will share with them our best and give them to the world. They will be fierce and flawless and moony and indigo.

Be brave. No matter what.

Thursday, June 14, 2012